Terms of Service


This is a private Club. It is your responsibility to read and understand the membership rules before using the site or posting a message. Stating “I didn’t know” is not a valid excuse for not being knowledgeable of the rules. IN GENERAL, BE NICE TO PEOPLE. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it.

-- No private messages (PMs). All offers must be made in the comments section. PM is to be used for exchanging payment and shipping information. You will be permanently banned from this club for violating the rule.
-- No thread sniping or unnecessary conversation. For example: complaining about pricing or flipping bottles. SILENCE IS THE BEST WAY TO EDUCATE SOMEONE ON THEIR PRICING.
-- Be respectful. Be kind. Treat others how you want to be treated.
-- No fishing. If you want to sell a bottle, list it for sale with a price or auction it.
-- No blocking of administrators. Blocking an admin will result in getting banned from the club.
-- If you have an issue bring it up to an admin to address.
-- You must be 21 years of age to be a member of this club.
-- BIN means “Buy it Now.” Only use BIN when agreeing to the declared price. Don’t use BIN when making an offer.
-- When you BIN (Buy it now) you are bound to the purchase.

Prohibited/Restricted Items
-- Raffles are not permitted in this club.
-- All antique decanters must have tax strip intact.
-- No selling of open or empty bottles.
-- No promotion of products, websites, services or other groups.
-- No selling or trading of any other goods or services.
-- No selling of samples unless paired with a bottle.
-- No gambling.
-- No sharing screenshots of what you see in other groups. This will result in immediate expulsion from the club.

-- You may not make offers through PM. All bids/offers must be done in the comments section.
-- All bids and offers are binding. You will be banned for backing out of a deal. Do your due diligence...make sure you know with whom you are dealing.
-- No deleting of any bids.
-- Get references from seller. Search seller's name on the site. This is a public club and we don’t do background checks. You can also verify sellers in groups on other social media platforms until our membership becomes larger and members become familiar with each other. Ensure payment info is verified and the name matches the member name. Ask for explanation if it doesn’t match. Don’t make the offer if you're not comfortable.
-- No comments when making payments.
-- Paying immediately is best practice and builds trust (as well as your reputation). Payment must be made within 24 hrs. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the club.

-- You may not accept an offer through PM. It must be done in the comments.
-- All agreed upon bids and offers are binding. No backing out of agreed upon deals when someone offers a better deal. If you aren’t ready to commit, then DON’T! You will be banned for backing out for a better deal. Do your due diligence...make sure you know with whom you are dealing before you commit. Putting “right to refuse” in your post doesn’t mean anything.
-- All listed items MUST be in your possession.
-- The seller MUST post a picture of the actual item(s) for sale/trade.
-- Pictures of all itemsmust be clear and legible. Picture cannot be obscured by paper, bubble wrap, parafilm over wax, etc.
-- Do not conceal the tops of bottles.
-- No post sniping. If you wish to sell/trade an item, create your own post.
-- Seller must reveal any known issues with a bottle and provide pictures.
-- Any bottle other than 750ml must be declared in the post.
-- You must indicate if you are shipping from outside the United States.
-- For sale posts with active bids/offers cannot be deleted.
-- Posts of and comments on COMPLETED SALES must be left on the site. This allows members to search for current market values much easier. You can turn off comments and mark the post closed or sold.

-- Whole dollar bids only. Predetermined minimum bid increments recommended. If seller does not state minimum bid increments then $1 is the default minimum bid increment allowed over highest bidder.
-- No PM’s. All bids must be done in the comments section.
-- Cross posting is not allowed on auctions.
-- All auctions must have an end time. The default time zone is AST (Atlantic Standard Time). You must clearly state any auction with an end time in a different time zone.
-- Popcorn is mandatory. If someone bids within the last 5 minutes of the auction, the auction end time is extended 5 minutes. Should someone bid after the original end time and before the new end time, the new auction end time is extended 5 minutes from this new bid. EXAMPLE: Auction end time is stated as 10 PM. A bid comes in at 9:58. Popcorn extends the stated end time of the auction by 5 minutes. The new end time is 10:05. So, in this example, if a bid comes in at 9:59, time is not extended beyond 10:05. If a bid comes in a 10:01 then time would be extended 5 minutes from the time of that bid. New time would be 10:06. Popcorn ends when 5 minutes have passed with no bids.
-- Auctions usually close at the top of the hour. If an auction end time is 10:00 PM, the absolute last accepted bid is 9:59.59 PM. Any bid with 10:00 PM time stamp is not valid as the auction ended at 10:00 PM.
-- Auctions cannot be deleted.

-- Seller assumes responsibility until courier states package is delivered. If a courier loses the package then a refund is required. Signature required is highly recommended.
-- Learn good packing and shipping methods. General rule of thumb: the package should be able to withstand a drop of 10 feet onto concrete. This is a regular occurrence in shipping company warehouses.

This is an INTERNATIONAL group where bourbon aficionados , enthusiasts, and collectors come to buy, sell, trade; WHERE THE LAW PERMITS. Please educate yourself on the laws within your city, state and country that may prevent you from purchasing, selling or trading of alcohol.

-- PayPal (use “Friends and Family” option with NO COMMENTS)
-- Cash App: transfer cash or bitcoins
-- Venmo (NO Comments)
-- Zelle (most major banks)

NO DISCUSSION POSTS IN THE GROUP. ONLY BUY, SELL, TRADE, ISO, OR REFERENCE CHECKS. THE CHAT IS WHERE DISCUSSIONS POSTS SHOULD TAKE PLACE. NO SELLING, ETC. IN THE CHAT ROOM. When cross posting please be mindful of all group rules and how they may be a violation here but not elsewhere. If you have a question, contact an admin. Anyone seen buying or selling empty bottles will be permanently removed.